Quality Design

Houses in Moje Miejsce Jura are built in traditional technology using ceramic bricks on top of an insulated foundation slab. Walls, foundations, windows and doors qualify it as an energy-saving house.

The reinforced concrete foundation slab is insulated by 20 cm of extruded polystyrene. Walls are insulated by 20cm polysterene and roof by 30cm of mineral wool.

The three layer glass windows are set in high quality PVC frames.

All of this ensures a great thermal insulation both in summer and winter.

The heating of the house is managed by an Italian fully automatic ecological pellet furnace doubling as a fireplace.

Living room with the fireplace

The electrical system will contain elements of an inteligent home ( water heating as well as remotely managed access)

The houses in Moje Miejsce are designed for comfort and ease of use. The design as well as execution of the house is such that anywhere from 2 to 6 people can feel at ease.

Downstairs consists of a living room with a panoramic window to the garden, a chill-out zone with a large table and a comfortable sofa.

Living room with a panoramic view

Downstairs is also an ergonomically designed, fully furnished kitchen (equipped with washer, ceramic stove and a microwave) as well as a bathroom with a large (180cmx90cm walk-in shower)

Bathroom with a large shower

Upstairs are two bedrooms with large windows, each with a high, hotel-quality double beds.

Bedroom with a view
Large bedroom

High quality materials (wood and stone), good lighting, modern pellet fireplace, comfortable furniture – all of this ensures a great stay.

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