The Build

Moje Miejsce Jura is made up of 22 year-round holiday homes. We plan to open at the latest for the 1st of May weekend of 2020.

We start interior decoration, furnishing, finishing homes. Soon, pictures, accessories, colors will appear … 🙂
These are not graphic visualizations 🙂

March 2020r
Spring is coming and we continue working 🙂

Spring in January 🙂

No matter whether Spring in Winter or Winter in Spring, what is important is that we are getting closer and closer to the end of the first stage 🙂

For a while we even had snow, but unfortunately there is no more … We are waiting for the winter, while we continue building 🙂

Is it really Autumn? Already November but feeling like Spring’ time so we keep working 🙂

Autumn time in Moje Miejsce Jura

September 2019

August 2019

The build is quite advanced now. We are working on insulating the buildings, plastering the buildings, sewage systems. We will soon start finishing the houses inside.

July 2019

The build is going according to schedule and budget. Houses are growing fast (the build started on March 20th). See the build progress below

Short video from the site visit circa 20.07.2019

Just about 4 months since we started. The results are amazing. See for yourself:

Holiday season in full, everyone is resting… oh wait! not everyone. Our team is hard at work to make sure we follow the schedule. You can already see roofs, windows, and location of roads. Great job!

June 2019

Keeping fingers crossed for our crew. The progress they are making despite of the tropical temperatures is impressive.

First windows are in
Roofs over 3 of 8 buildings

Site visit 14.06 – HOT!

You can finally see the shape of the house.

And finally we could remove the scaffolding from our “giant”

Limestone Karst

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