The Estate

We chose the plot for Moje Miejsce Jura based on our expectations and experience. The plot is a vast 40 000 meters squared, comprised of a residential and recreational areas as well as 7000 meters squared of private forest.

Residential zone (seen below) is comprised of 11 twin houses (each made up of 2 homes), parking places, roads and a central plazza with a 5 meter high limestone rock.
Each home has a fully developed backyard of approximately 500 meters squared and personal parking places.

An approximately 180 meters squared conference hall is also part of the residential area. While not in use for organized events it will serve as a place for social gatherings including board games, movie screenings, etc.

The plaza is a central point of the estate. In may of 2019 we embedded a 20 ton, 5 meter high rock as its focal point. It is a typical example of the regions famous limestone karsts from the Jurassic period – from which the name of this great region comes from.

Gigant jeszcze z podporami
The giant

Due to the size of the plot, it’s possible to create both comfort and privacy while creating recreational zones within a few minutes walking distance of the houses.

Recreational zone, divided into sports, kids, and chill-out sections will be separated from the residential zone by a fruit orchard in which guests can pick fresh pears, apples, cherries or plums straight from the tree.


The sports section located in the very tip of the plot will be made up of a football field, volleyball court, natural gym, outdoor bowling, and boules track.

The kids section is a giant sandbox, natural playground, sensory path and trampolines.

Zones details

The chill out section is made up of fire pits, raised platforms, chill-out huts, hammocks, picnic tables as well as a sauna and hot tub with a forest view.

We strongly believe that the numerous attractions, will allow our Guests to have a great, hassle free holiday and provide our Home Owners with the maximum rate of return.

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