Rate of Return

Guaranteed return

The annual return that will be sent to you every quarter depends on the average occupancy rate of the entire subdivision. Guaranteed rate of return is 6% from the nett purchase price of the house – it equates to 21000 PLN a year (gross amounts are provided). This kind of return is expected at an occupancy rate of up to 40%

Due to the great location, experienced team, and the ability to host conferences and integration events we are sure we will reach the highest possible rate of return (8%) after 2 years from opening. This will mean you will receive 7000 PLN every quarter / 28 000 PLN every year (gross amounts are provided).

Please see the detailed rate of return – occupancy rate table below:

The rates of return mentioned above are for the entire duration of the lease agreement (15 years). After the lease agreement expires we will decide if we want to continue this relationship.

This is what distinguishes us from the rest

As one of the few companies on the market we update (“increase”) the value of the house every year based on the inflation factor published by the Polish Statistical Office for the previous year (up to the maximum amount of 4% every year). This constitutes the base from which your return is calculated. In reality this means that after 10 years your house is no longer worth 350 000 PLN but instead well over 400 000 PLN (assuming average inflation of 2.5%).

Cooperation, synergy and additional benefits

On top of the 7 free investor days every year (which in the future you will be able to use in other localities), we will credit you with 5% of every reservation made with us using your individual reservation code.

In our opinion synergy between the operating company and home owners is essential to the tourist success of Moje Miejsce Jura. Sharing of proceeds from reservations with home owners is beneficial to both sides, as it decreases the costs of external booking agents (booking.com) while motivating the home owners to actively search for potential customers.

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