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Moje Miejsce Jura is located in Lgota Murowana, a small village on the verge of the Eagles’ Nest National Park. This area is the central part of the Kraków-Częstochowa Jurassic Upland, also known as the Polish Jurassic Highland or Polish Jura. The region offers a variety of ways to spend your vacation, in any season and regardless of the weather. This location guarantees a high occupancy rate in every season.

As opposed to the seaside and lakes of Poland the Jura region, is desirable year-round. In the spring-summer-autumn seasons you can enjoy beautiful hiking and biking trails, several castles and keeps, (the Eagle’s Nest Route), caves, rock-climbing, as well as two lakes with beach infrastructure.

During the winter season, there are 3 ski-lifts, each with snow cannons, ski rental, instructors and restaurant. The area is also famous for cross-country skiing and sleighing.

An additional attraction are two water parks within a half hour drive. For history lovers we suggest daily trips to Cracow (1.5 hours), Ojców (under 1 hour) and Częstochowa (under 1 hour)

Please find an interactive map of the surrounding area below:

The vicinity of 4 cities (Cracow, Katowice, Kielce and Częstochowa) combined with our conference hall of approximately 150 m2 will allow us to increase the occupancy in off-peak seasons by attracting companies (integration events and conferences) as well as individuals (wedding, family events).

In addition to the four cities mentioned before, it is extremely easy to get to Moje Miejsce Jura from another two large urban areas in Poland. Warsaw is reached in 2 hours by a high-speed train and a car takes 3 hours. Łódź (Poland’s third largest city) is reached by car in 2 hours.

We are sure that the location chosen for Moje Miejsce Jura will prove optimal and will maximize profits for the Home owners.

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