Five people with the same goal: to create a network of year-round holiday homes in unique regions of Poland and Europe. Agata, Artur, Paweł, Wiktor and Sławek – each with at least 15 years of experience in their respective fields. You can read more details about each of us below.

Agata na skałkach

Agata – graduated Warsaw School of Life Sciences majoring in Landscape Architecture as well as post-graduate Management studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. For the last 15 years Agata manages marketing and communication for large agriculture sector companies.  She worked for over 4 years in Brussels managing European information and educational campaigns. Agata loves to travel and discover new places, but appreciates down-time in her garden as well as relaxing by the fire place. Mother of wonderful and very active children.

Wiktor – Graduate of the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University with a major in Computer Information Systems. Attended Project Management post-graduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics, Entrepreneur with over a decade experience in creating and developing various business ventures.  A person who enjoys new  challenges and the feeling of creating something from nothing.  Privately a traveler and amateur-carpenter, who enjoys an active lifestyle, aficionado of board games, fantasy books and dogs.

Artur – Finished electronics school in Chełm. Attended the Military Technical Academy with a specialization in construction of roads and bridges. He started his construction company while still in High School. He had a chance to work on many interesting development projects, from power plants, restaurants and shops for brands like H&M to homes and apartment buildings. We met when he coordinated the build of the houses in which Agata and Paweł live. Privately a husband and father of three sons. Passionate about football, and other forms of physical activity. Like to travel and spend time with his family in nature.

Sławek: Graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics majoring in international relations. Involved in the tourism industry from 2004. In the past managing director of many hotels and other tourist ventures. Currently an independent consultant for the HoReCa industry. He believes that Moje Miejsce project fits perfectly with the current trends of the tourism industry. Passionate about everything to do with tourism. Loves to fish in summer and ski in winter.

Paweł na szlaku

Paweł – graduated Warsaw School of Economics majoring in Finance and Banking.  Finished Six Sigma, CIMA, PMP, courses. Financial analyst, SAP consultant and Project Manager with almost 15 years of experience managing projects on 4 different continents.  Enthusiast of cars, architecture, building construction and optimizing investment processes. Father of the same active kids as Agata.